Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Stretching out natural hair without heat using African threading method

African threading is an ancient styling technique that has gone on from generations to generations.  All you need to achieve this hair style is thread or yarn which I prefer to use. I personally use this style as a heat-free method to stretch my hair to get a blow-out look.  This prevents me from getting any heat damage on my hair. 

I start this hair style on freshly washed hair. I wait for my hair to be damp before applying my hair products. This works best for my low porosity hair and enables the products to penetrate into my hair.

I divide my hair into four sections so I can get even amount of products to each section. For this hair style the fewer products you put the quicker your hair dry’s. You just need the right amount to leave your moisturized.

-    - I use the LCO method, starting by applying my cantu leave-in conditioner to my hair, followed by the aunty Jackie’s seal it up butter as my moisturizer and finally I seal up by hair with my coconut and olive oil mix.

     - After applying my hair products, I use a big rake comb to detangle my hair this allows me to get the most stretch for my hair and also when the hair is dry it will be easier for me to manipulate it to any style.

    - For threading I like to use yarn because I find it to be stronger than regular sewing thread. I take my hair in a section and wrap the hair with thread at the root using my thumb for support.  I continue to wrap the hair until it gets to the bottom of the section then I tie a knot just above the ends of my hair. I prefer to leave the ends to avoid breakage/spilt ends. The smaller the spaces in between hair the longer your hair will stretch.

-   - I secure my threaded hair using hair bands to give it extra length and sleep with my bonnet.

   - I carry my hair for two days before I unravel the hair to make sure it dry’s properly because if you unravel the hair when it’s still damp your hair will shrink. To unravel I simply take a section and pull the thread and it comes off in a spiral motion, I find this part very fun to do.

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